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Who are We?
Our organization is made up of park volunteers and people like you who have a love of our State parks and a desire to support their recreational, environmental and economic value to the community. As a member of our organization you will be promoting the mission of the Park Service to preserve and protect our parks’ natural and cultural resources and to provide recreational opportunities to area visitors and residents. FOFCSP is the official Citizen Support Organization of the State parks in Franklin County. Membership dues and other funds raised by this organization are for the exclusive use of the State Parks in Franklin County.

Our Goals
Since its inception The Friends of Franklin County State Parks, formerly named Friends of St. George Island State Park, has been instrumental in raising funds to support needed park projects. Our organization is responsible for the building of boardwalks and shelters and organizing events that benefit our parks and support the area economy. Our organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection. The Friends mission is to generate support for state parks through work projects, community relations, exhibits, fund raising activities, special events, and educational activities. We seek additional funds to augment the parks’ existing funding in order to enhance and expand the parks’ services to the public.

Becoming a Member
Friends of Franklin County State Parks members realize the importance of the State Parks of Franklin County. Our organization supports St. George Island State Park, The Orman House Historic State Park, The John Gorrie State Park Museum, Chapman Botanical Gardens, and The Three Servicemen Plaza. Your support will enhance, improve and preserve our parks for future generations. We invite you to design your own membership. Some members choose to express their support through annual membership dues or donations. Others devote many volunteer hours doing a variety of tasks such as building boardwalks, gardening, giving guided tours, and assisting with special events. They find time for socializing, relaxing and enjoying the result of their labors while building new friendships. The amount of involvement is up to you. Donations and support can be directed to a particular park or you can choose to help all of the parks. Membership in the Friends of Franklin County State Parks is rewarding. As a member you will receive a membership card giving you 12 days free entry into any one of the state parks in the FOFCSP family. You can take pleasure in knowing you are helping to preserve and protect a part of the Real Florida. Join today and become a part of our family.

Download our membership form (pdf)